Irvine Times – Alex Performs for Parliament

This article was published on my 25th birthday, and hopefully by the end of the year I will have got back into regularly taking shots again!

Alex Performs for Parliament

written by John Martin Fulton

A gifted Irvine photographer  is developing plans to take his wonderful photos to the Scottish Parliament for a solo show for MSPs, and Alex Boyd, 25, said he had Cunningham South MSP Irene Oldfather to thank for putting him in the frame for the prestigious political picture show.

The former Irvine Royal Academy pupil told the Times the show, which will take pride of place in the MSP area at Holyrood, was set to come into focus next year.

He said “I’ve always wanted to aim for the highest when it comes to exhibiting work, and the Scottish Parliament is one of the most prestigious buildings in the country. The opportunity to show at the parliament is the chance to take my work to the next level and exhibit – hopefully it will help my photography to recognised more internationally.”

And the talented photographer – who has achieved international success – said he got the idea for the show when he was having his pictures projected onto public buildings in Romania last year.

He said: “I thought it would maybe be interesting to see if I could perhaps do something closer to home, besides the series I’ve spent the last two years working on is called “Sonnets from Scotland” is named after an Edwin Morgan book, the man who helped to open the parliament ten years ago”

Meanwhile it was local politician Irene Oldfather who helped snap-up successful Alex, who could next year be studying for a PhD. Thanking the politician Alex said “I would say that the chance to show there is a definite career high.”

Next up, Alex has a show planned with the head of photography at the Glasgow School of Art, Thomas Joshua Cooper.

Image taken by Neale Smith


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