The Gothenburg Address

When it came to choosing the soundtrack for the short film “Sonnets from Scotland”, I asked two of my favourite bands – Mogwai, who also contributed to the White Night of Bucharest Festival, and The Gothenburg Address, a band who I’ve only recently started to listen to, but have become rather obsessed over.

The Gothenburg Address are from Edinburgh, and gave me a demo cd of their new album a while ago, and I’ve been hooked since. They kindly let me use tracks from their new single, in particular the song “The Modern Dilema” which has been on heavy rotation. I wouldn’t be suprised if these guys are soundtracking more films in the future – their music is dark, brooding, glacial, majestic as well as energetic and intelligent, something which you get a sense of in their live shows.

As a thank you, I’ve let them use one of my images from Sweden (taken near Gothenburg) for the cover of their new single. The design and texture are by Shannon Palmer.

You can buy the single from Amazon here


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A photographer, curator, and mountain obsessive.

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