Irvine Times – Homecoming Show

Homecoming show for Irvine lad Alex by John Martin Fulton

An Irvine  photographer whose pictures have been projected onto buildings aroundthe world is finally bringing the show home. And, as Alex Boyd’s amazing photos go on show at the HAC, they will also be made available to characters in a parallel dimension – in cyberspace.

Twenty four year old student Alex has enjoyed a whirlwind success that has seen his pictures displayed 84metres high on the largest building on Europe and had him working with David Bowie’s pianist and No1 US rockers The Smashing Pumpkins. But now the former Irvine Royal Academy pupil is showing his stunning ‘Sonnets from Scotland’ series at the
harbourside and said he was delighted to get his family and friends from the area in the frame.

He added: “I’ve never shown anything here before and I’m quite excited.
It’s the biggest exhibition I’ve ever put together and alot of the
prints are new and very large.”

Meanwhile, Alex’s pictures have earned him plaudits and praise from around the world ever since the art history student decided to enter a nationwide BBC picture competition ‘on a whim’. He has worked with top music acts like David Bowie’s pianist Mike Garson and chart toppers The Editors, while having massive scale versions of his images projected on the
Romanian parliament building and other major landmarks in Melbourne for
different light festivals.

Now the busy newlywed, said he is happy to have an exhibition in Irvine – at the same time as showing his stunning landscapes in the Virtual Museum of Art, an exciting online gallery that can only be visited through the virtual social network Second Life.

“Sonnets from Scotland” can be seen at the HAC in Irvine until Sunday April 19th.


About Alex Boyd

A photographer, curator, and mountain obsessive.

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